Which glasses to use ?

It is better to use very fine stemmed glasses with a tulip shape or flute to enjoy the Champagne.
Avoid heavy glasses…
Wash the glasses with very hot water but do not wash them in the dish washer.

What is the best moment to drink Champagne ?
It is very convenient and pleasant to have some bottles in your cellar when friends arrive unexpectedly.
Champagne is a perfect partner for a successful meeting. It can also be a gift always appreciated.
Champagne is a pleasurable wine radiating cheerfulness and happiness, you do not need any pretext or special occasion to uncork a bottle !
Drink it as an aperitif and you will appreciate immensely its aromas, its freshness and its sparkle.
How to refresh a bottle of Champagne ?
When you are organizing a party, you need to remember that the Champagne must be served fresh and not ice-cold. The perfect temperature is between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius. 
You can put the bottle in the fridge but not in its coldest part and never in the freezer.
The best way to chill it is by using a Champagne bucket where the bottle is doused in water and ice.
How to prepare a venue ?

With a bottle, you can serve around 6 glasses. So you must allow for:

– an aperitif 1/3 bottle
– a meal ½ to ¾ bottle
– a cocktail ¾ bottle
– a evening ¾ bottle


How to store Champagne correctly ?
Champagne in the bottle is already matured so ideally you must drink the bottle during the year you sell it.
To preserve it, we advise you to keep it in a dark and airy room with a constant temperature, without any draughts, light and vibrations.
The bottles must be laid flat in order for the wine to touch the cork which prevents the cork from drying out.
How to read a label ?