No law such as “AOC” (“Wine of Controlled Origin in France”) existed to protect the wines of the Champagne area.
In order to prevent other wines from using the name “CHAMPAGNE”, to the detriment of their customers, the growers rebelled !

It was during these events of 1911 that our ancestor, Edmond Dubois, was so passionate in the defense of his profession and the traditions of Champagne that his colleagues named him “Le Rédempteur de la Champagne”. (that means “The savior/redeemer of Champagne”)

Then came the First World War. In 1918, our village Venteuil was totally destroyed. Delayed by these major events, it was finally in 1927 that a law protecting Champagne was voted in. This law meant that grapes grown in the Champagne area could only be used to make Champagne. Therefore, we can proudly proclaim today that :

“The only Champagne is from Champagne region”.


In 1911, the founder of the Company Edmond Dubois, our ancestor, was nicknamed “Le Redempteur” of Champagne by his fellow wine-growers.

Indeed, at the beginning of the 20th century, the economic situation for the wine growers was difficult.
The vineyards were ravaged by a disease which destroyed the vines: the “phylloxera”.

The 1910 harvest was catastrophic and on top of this, high taxes wiped out the growers.
At this time, the most serious problem to be addressed was the lack of official legal protection.


It is certainly down to the attention to detail and the passion of our work that has rewarded us for several years with some distinctions, as well as Golden and Silver medals in guides or specialized magazines.

We celebrated with pride 100 years of the creation of the brand of the “Rédempteur”, during whole of the year 2011


Passion and professionalism characterize the deserving defer-granddaughter of a historic figure of Champagne.

To the memory of our ancestor, we remain a family company and elaborate our Champagne in the respect and the tradition.

So, all our Champagnes, our Vintages, are maturing/ageing from 10 to 11 months in oak barrels, and, the bottles riddling is always done by hand.

To our children, we transmit this love for our work to allow “Champagne du Rédempteur” stays and remains a beautiful story.

And for tomorrow, the succession is inherited by Vincent, the 5th Generation, the youngest son of Claudy and Patrick. So the family Know-how and the tradition are passed from generation to generation.